With fall, leaves changed color and so did our mood. Our new choices depict our new needs. In NowTecc we see it vividly every day. For instance, header images effect conversion – depending on seasonal trends. Lets examine an image of chilly sea taken from a traveling agency webpage. This visual includes a killer combination of an appealing human, endless skies and shiny water. It was a smart & simple pick made by one of our design partners. This visual was so good that in warm sunny days it outperformed 5 different competitors (see below). Using it in matching moments, this traveling agency steadily raised conversion rates by 35%!

NowTecc - visual creative seasonal

Why was it so successful? Well, one obvious answer is that it included a human being 😊. Yes, as simple as that. Both professional literature and our data consistently show that visuals that contain humans are as twice as preferable as visuals without them.

Then gradually came November rains. What was appealing not long ago lost its relevance becoming yesterday’s fashion. In November this image is outperformed by the soft, warm and comforting landscapes of autumn.

The evident changes in user-priorities enable NowTecc to find the most suitable visuals for each moment. Basing on expert knowledge of visual choices, our unique technology ensures that you focus on best content to maximize your goals.

NowTecc - graph visual

At the sunny beginning of November the summer image performed well. But as the
temperatures began to cool down, warm autumn colors gained popularity. During the last
week, rain showers emphasized the success of the autumn image.

Bottom Line
Just like enjoying brand decorations for X-mas holiday or Valentine’s day – your brand can benefit from an arsenal of colors for seasonal changes.

Tip of the day
Next time you choose an image – take a to moment to look outside. Choose the seasonal colors and don’t forget to include some happy humans.

How do seasons affect your brand-visuals? 
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