A model, an actress, a superstar in real life & on social media. With 28.1 million followers, Gal Gadot’s Instagram is on fire. Personal, professional, fun and glamorous photos, paid partnerships and Wonder Woman promotions. Which of her Instagram photos are the most successful? What do her followers like the most? What photos engage her fans best? And most importantly – why?

As big fans, we decided to answer these questions and use our algorithm to examine Gal Gadot’s creative Instagram success. We have run over 195 photos posted from February 2018 to February 2019, ranked and placed them on a scale between “use” and “avoid” photos.

The results point out the characteristic of her best photos, and of her not so great creative choices.


So, how do we like our Gal?



Our examination demonstrates that Gal’s best engaging photos are of herself. The first high engaging photo with another person is a photo of Gal with her husband (ranked #31 out of 195). At the same time, photos of Gal in big groups of people, whether friends, colleagues or family, get much less attention.

#31 on our rank

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The face close-up.

Close-up photos lead on our list of great visual creative choices. The further Gal goes from the camera, the photo is less engaging. Funny thing, our examination tells us that Gal doesn’t have a “good side profile.” Her best close-up photos include poses facing the camera, looking left or looking right – they all work for her.


#9 on our rank

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Loving this new #puremovebra by @reebok! 💪🏻

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#5 on our rank

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Bright & Shimmering.

Gal’s best photos are all bright, lighted, creating a warm and calm feeling. Yellow and gold filters work great for her, and sometimes a good old fashioned black & white filter does the work.


#1 on our rank (!)

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She's back… 🙅🏻‍♀️ #WW84

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#8 on our rank

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Caption this 🤔 📸 by @dudihasson1

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Glam Glam Glam.

Gal’s life is glamorous, no doubt, and her followers just LOVE it. Photos portraying beautiful gowns and chic outfits, especially worn to award ceremonies and premiers, get amazing engagement ranks. Successful photos also include “getting ready” scenes like putting on makeup (well done creative of Revlon for the successful paid partnership).


#50 on our rank


Our examination clearly points out to four characteristics of Gal’s most engaging visual content on Instagram. Want us to check what defines your (or others) best photos and visual creatives? Contact us!

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Stay tuned for more insights to come!

NowTecc Team.


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