Dear friends,

We started out journey more than a year ago to help you – the creative people behind the visuals, marketing and campaigns create better visual content.
As engineers our approach to this problem comes through data, machine learning combined with human expertise. We build data driven solutions to catch trends and dynamically match visual content to each user and user case. Our purpose as a company is to make sure your visual content is engaging, converting and serving as a meaningful interaction with each visitor within the changing trends, seasons and context. If it doesn’t, we are here to guide you.

What is this blog going to be about?

It is our way to share with you our knowledge, our growing and discovery process as individuals and as a company.

  • What we as people, engineers, creators and startup learn from working with creative teams and visual content.
  • What does our machine learns while analyzing and engaging creative with visitors. The effect and importance of trends, elements, correlations and colors during the creative process.

This post is the first of many to come, so stay tuned and let us know your thoughts and feedback.



NowTecc provides insights into online behavior for real time use.

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