How similar are the photos you post on your social media accounts?

Do you find yourself repeatedly using the same two or three filters? Do you tend to take pictures from similar angles? Maybe you usually capture attractive meals from a birds-eye view, or take selfies from the upper right corner. Humans are creatures of habit, so it’s no surprise that we often repeat creative choices.

But what happens when two similar photos arouse different user engagement?

Here is an interesting point worth investigating – what are the specific visual differences that exist within similar images. In other words, what exactly did you do differently with those two photos that ultimately lead to different results?

One of the main things we focus on at NowTecc is the levels of difference and similarity between and within the visual content of our customers. Comparing similar photos that gained different engagement scores allow us to define why certain photos work better than others.


Here is a cool example from the Gaming world.

While running our algorithm on a Facebook page for an online game called “Lost Island: Blast Adventure”, we encountered two posts with the following images:

The more Likes this cute seal gets, the more bombs you'll get on difficult levels 😉

Posted by Lost Island: Blast Adventure on Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Hit (y) and play Lost Island: Blast Adventure now if you want to build this cute seal a pool to splash in! 😉

Posted by Lost Island: Blast Adventure on Thursday, June 14, 2018

Our user engagement-based analysis ranked the left side photo #1 (achieving the highest engagement on the page!), while the image on the right side received a score of 32 out of 50.

The #32 ranked photo was posted only one month before the #1 ranked photo. Both of the posts’ texts were engaging, facilitated a call-to-action, and included images of a pool and scenic area. Although the two hold similarities, it’s clear that adding a close-to-frame cute seal to the mix made a huge difference. One small change elevated a #32 ranked image to #1!

What level are you now? 🤔Hit (y) and post your current level in the comments below!

Posted by Lost Island: Blast Adventure on Saturday, October 13, 2018

Have you already completed this level? 🤔Note that there are teleports in this level. Artifacts do not disappear if they reach the teleports. 😉

Posted by Lost Island: Blast Adventure on Tuesday, September 18, 2018

We received some interesting results in another case, also taken from the Lost Island’s Facebook page. The left side photo was ranked #16, while the right side photo received a 38 out of 50. Once again, two posts with similar visual elements proved to engage differently. Adding a cat and a “blast effect” over the image lifted its success rates much higher!

These examples, although specified for the gaming world, demonstrate that sometimes we are not aware of that element or modification that may transform our creative from great to amazing.  Once identified, it becomes much easier knowing when and how to use that extra “blast effect” or the cute seal. Just imagine how “Lost Island: Blast Adventure” can start using it now.

Want to find out what your (or others’) “seals” are in order to make that difference? Contact us!


Stay tuned for more insights to come!

NowTecc Team


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