Last week while going through LinkedIn, we bumped into the #GaryVeeChallenge. It’s all about content, and how to make it at scale. Going through it, we decided to throw the glove and take the challenge.

Want to read more – you can find it here – “how to create 64 pieces of content in one day.”

The most important part of the challenge is to actually make content! That led us thinking – what should be a great piece of content to make if not to run our creative insights algorithm over one of Gary’s social media accounts and see what makes his creative content so great. That idea brought this blog post to life.

We took Gary’s Facebook account and run our technology over all the creative pieces he made in Dec. 2019 up till Dec 24th.

In total there were 126 pieces. 54 images, 72 video pieces and 128 copy statuses. – “64 pieces of content a day” – He is not joking.

Running NowTecc’s AI analysis with Facebook engagement as a performance KPI on Gary’s 126 pieces of content, we were eager to know – what makes GaryVee so great?

Here are some of the insight results,

Keep –

Cartoons! Apparently when Gary uses characters and cartoonish elements it increases performance for over 45%.


Tweet screenshot – ” converting his best tweets into “quote graphic” images  ( pg 167 – link here) ” – works! Gary tweets increase Facebook engagement by 39%. Great ideas worth spreading.




Text on image BUT on a separate layer. While most of Gary’s visuals include text (117 out of 126), it seems that applying the text within the visual on a separate layer increases performance by 29%.




Short status copy – content is great, but Gary’s Facebook fans love it short. How short? Whenever he uses 90 words and less performance increase by an average of 51%! ”  Take pictures with partners, customers, or clients and add long copy for context. Post on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and/or Twitter (pg 126 – link here ) ” for Facebook – make sure it’s not too long.




Talk about ‘needs’ – One of the great things about GaryVee is his ability to hit right into the spot. Statuses including ‘need’ or ‘don’t need’ increase performance by average of 32%.




Talk about ‘people’ – we love it when Gary writes about people. Adding phrases such as some people / most people/ many people just can’t keep us unengaged. It causes a performance lift of 19%


Avoid –


Collages – collage pieces in general underperform by 28%.




The color grey – images with dominant sheds of grey underperform by 38%.




Phrases including ‘if you’ – we love it when Gary writes about people, who are like us but are not really us. Directly referring to the audience ( if you’re / if you agree / if you work … ) seems to decrease performance by 35%




Phrases including ‘of you’ – even referring to people as part of a bigger group does wrong ( many of you / Some of you/ all of you/ those of you … ) decrease performance by 22%




‘leave’ – when are told to leave, they do so. Even when used as part of the phrase ‘leave a comment’ (40% performance drop), it still comes with a negative connotation and causes 56% engagement drop in average.



Talking ‘business’ – Facebook fans are not here for business. Statuses referring to business (my business / build in business/ side business … ) decrease performance by 23%.


  • Brick by brick my friends. Nothing happens over night and no moment is ever “the moment.” You just gotta keep on building, and moving, and doing ..

    Posted by Gary Vaynerchuk on Sunday, December 15, 2019

  • Dropping 🔥for you all – SO MUCH VALUE in this clip for anybody in the business or marketing world, and ESPECIALLY if you're in the restaurant business! Listen and listen carefully –

    Posted by Gary Vaynerchuk on Thursday, December 12, 2019

Take away:

Facebook fans love Gary’s messaging, his cartoons and his creative way when he talks to them BUT not about them.

Till the next time – stay tuned!

Happy Hanukkah and great new year:)


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