After half a year of an amazing journey at Technion BizTec accelerator, we’re excited to cross the finish line as first place winners. We’re proud of the path we created and want to thank the wonderful people who made it possible by advising, tutoring, connecting and inspiring us. Thank you for helping us to get the best of ourselves and aim higher. Huge thanks to #BizTec team and our great mentor Gadi Maoz!

NowTecc team met at the #3DS hackaton arranger by Bronica Entrepreneurship Center – 3 priceless days with very little sleep, countless pivots and a great place to meet amazing people. There Rafi, Dana, Shai and brilliant mentors did all there was to do to turn our crazy ideas turn into applicable ventures. It was a wonderful platform to meet many talented people from around the world, some of whom continued the journey with us to BizTec finals.

After gaining some sleep and formulating a (temporarily) stable idea we had a couple of months to work with Shai, who was there for us to make the first connections. We had a huge luck to have his bright insights, passion to create and vast experience by our side. Brainstorming together we prepared our idea for BizTech application.. and got in!

Dearest Inbal and Zion, thank you for managing this year’s BizTec program so skillfully! We were privileged to learn from your proficiency, dedication, persistence, patience.. we love you guys!

Taking with us all the great things we learned we take our first steps as a StartUp. Wishing us all best of luck and a great year – Shana Tova!




NowTecc provides insights into online behavior for real time use.

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