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Tell us where to look

Choose creative sources you want us to analyze (website, social media & API).


See what defines your winners and losers

Get explainable insights on each creative group. Based on colors, tags, elements and engagement.

NowTecc - Machine Learning for Better Creative

Find your next visual hit

Drop your creative into our platform and let us predict potential winners.

NowTecc - Machine Learning for Better Creative

We change the rules by putting creative in the center of attention

Scale like never before

Let us do the hard work for you. Our valuable insights will allow you to create easier, faster and on a larger scale.

No more guessing

Learn what works best for your brand. Know in real time what your target audience wants and predict its needs.

Win their hearts

Dazzle your audience by your amazing creative. Increase engagement and achieve your online goals.

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Our Awesome Platform

No more boring dashboard & analytics. Our platform enables you to explore your creative and understand its trends in seconds.

  • Answers to any questions about your creative
  • Drag & drop to check your next creative hits
  • Constantly updating creative trends
  • Fun & easy to use
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NowTecc - Machine Learning for Better Creative