NowTecc - AI platform for contextual personalization

What We Offer

Our technology replaces the manual, time-consuming all-hands-on-deck grunt work. We match your content to each visitor in real-time, handling the implementation and improvement on a continuous basis. NowTecc is freeing you up to do what you do best - create, innovate and grow!

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Increase return rate


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The right content
To the right user
At the right time!

How? Just add one line of code.

Drop content and media into our platform's visual editor and let NowTecc ML algorithm do the job. The ML analyzes your content and dynamically matches it to each visitor-session, based on real-time context.

NowTecc Unique Value

NowTecc platform provides you a full control over your content and helps you create context-based personalization for each visitor by using machine learning. Our technology unleashes the bottleneck process of content creation, implementation and improvement - replacing the manual, time-consuming all-team work. Nowtecc algorithm fits your content to each visitor in real-time, allowing you to focus resources on other high value activities.

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