Simplicity is all the rage these days. It is a design philosophy that is championed by many successful companies, especially following Steve Jobs’ famous quote “One of my mantras is — focus and simplicity”. Subsequently, Google has always stayed true to simplicity by maintaining visual clarity – leading the way to many other brands.

But does clear UX also demand the simplicity of visual assets? Will applying this one “magic trick” on images gain you more user engagement? Will it get you to achieve your online goals?

We have tested this question and our results reveal several points we advise you to consider when picking the best visuals for your website.

In this blog post we present you with 3 out of 6 points found (you will have to stay tuned for the next 3 🙂 ). Here we go!

1. Device

Have you noticed that even the best websites do not tend to adapt their visuals to the browsing device? Instead, they go for one design of pure minimalism.

When choosing visuals for your website you must consider the browsing device type – web, mobile, print etc.

Let’s check the following example –

We have a National Geographic magazine cover dating to August 2000, a pre-smartphone era (on the left side), and a comparable cover – printed, web and app from June 2018 (on the right side).

On the right side you may notice a clear advantage of object visibility which brings alone a light feeling of clarity – for sure you don’t miss out any important nuances. In comparison, on the left you most likely experience perceptual load, being blasted by manifold details, probably feeling incapable to fully grasp it. While the simple visual is a perfect match for small screens, the rich fine-detailed photograph can provide desktop or print users with manifold ideas you aspire to convey.


Photos credit: National Geographic

2. Context

Just like the setting of a first date – context has everything to do with the message you want to deliver.

Based on the rules of simplicity, you may enable viewers to mentally complete a scene, projecting on the visual context of their own imagination. Just like weaving a dream for the sleeping fox on the right image.
On the other hand, surrounding the main character or object with visual hints can help bring users the rich context of your story.

What is the context of your story? Consider this when deciding on the scope of visual simplicity needed for your creative.


3. Precision

What are your users’ expectations from your website? Is your content elegant and subtle, or is it plane and direct? Drawing attention to details either pinpoints the best-experience moments your users will admire, or un-thoughtfully captures their focus leading them away from the desired flow.

When you choose visual content for your webpage ask yourself – to what extent would you like the visual to stand out vividly, conveying new information? Would you like the visual to add value to the written content? Would you like the users to spend more time screening its refined details or would a single glimpse be enough? Stick to visual precision serving your goals.


Bottom line

In certain circumstances minimalist visuals work wonderfully well. If you aim for a small screen, a plain message and an open context – simple visuals would be a perfect pick. On the other hand, if you wish to provide your users a rich, impactful experience – do not hesitate to choose fine-detailed images. Consider these tips and get the best of your users engagement.

Having trouble deciding? NowTecc platform could be of great help, analyzing your visuals and matching them with the best devices and the right context – while keeping them precise to your goals.

On our next blog post we will share additional insightful advice on what you should consider when choosing the best matching visuals for your website.

Stay tuned!

NowTecc Team.


nowtecc autumn season

With fall, leaves changed color and so did our mood. Our new choices depict our new needs. In NowTecc we see it vividly every day. For instance, header images effect conversion – depending on seasonal trends. Lets examine an image of chilly sea taken from a traveling agency webpage. This visual includes a killer combination of an appealing human, endless skies and shiny water. It was a smart & simple pick made by one of our design partners. This visual was so good that in warm sunny days it outperformed 5 different competitors (see below). Using it in matching moments, this traveling agency steadily raised conversion rates by 35%!

NowTecc - visual creative seasonal

Why was it so successful? Well, one obvious answer is that it included a human being 😊. Yes, as simple as that. Both professional literature and our data consistently show that visuals that contain humans are as twice as preferable as visuals without them.

Then gradually came November rains. What was appealing not long ago lost its relevance becoming yesterday’s fashion. In November this image is outperformed by the soft, warm and comforting landscapes of autumn.

The evident changes in user-priorities enable NowTecc to find the most suitable visuals for each moment. Basing on expert knowledge of visual choices, our unique technology ensures that you focus on best content to maximize your goals.

NowTecc - graph visual

At the sunny beginning of November the summer image performed well. But as the
temperatures began to cool down, warm autumn colors gained popularity. During the last
week, rain showers emphasized the success of the autumn image.

Bottom Line
Just like enjoying brand decorations for X-mas holiday or Valentine’s day – your brand can benefit from an arsenal of colors for seasonal changes.

Tip of the day
Next time you choose an image – take a to moment to look outside. Choose the seasonal colors and don’t forget to include some happy humans.

How do seasons affect your brand-visuals? 
Have questions? Want to learn more? – Write us.
We’d love to hear your opinion!

Stay tuned,
NowTecc Team

NowTecc snow

Dear friends,

We started out journey more than a year ago to help you – the creative people behind the visuals, marketing and campaigns create better visual content.
As engineers our approach to this problem comes through data, machine learning combined with human expertise. We build data driven solutions to catch trends and dynamically match visual content to each user and user case. Our purpose as a company is to make sure your visual content is engaging, converting and serving as a meaningful interaction with each visitor within the changing trends, seasons and context. If it doesn’t, we are here to guide you.

What is this blog going to be about?

It is our way to share with you our knowledge, our growing and discovery process as individuals and as a company.

  • What we as people, engineers, creators and startup learn from working with creative teams and visual content.
  • What does our machine learns while analyzing and engaging creative with visitors. The effect and importance of trends, elements, correlations and colors during the creative process.

This post is the first of many to come, so stay tuned and let us know your thoughts and feedback.


After half a year of an amazing journey at Technion BizTec accelerator, we’re excited to cross the finish line as first place winners. We’re proud of the path we created and want to thank the wonderful people who made it possible by advising, tutoring, connecting and inspiring us. Thank you for helping us to get the best of ourselves and aim higher. Huge thanks to #BizTec team and our great mentor Gadi Maoz!

NowTecc team met at the #3DS hackaton arranger by Bronica Entrepreneurship Center – 3 priceless days with very little sleep, countless pivots and a great place to meet amazing people. There Rafi, Dana, Shai and brilliant mentors did all there was to do to turn our crazy ideas turn into applicable ventures. It was a wonderful platform to meet many talented people from around the world, some of whom continued the journey with us to BizTec finals.

After gaining some sleep and formulating a (temporarily) stable idea we had a couple of months to work with Shai, who was there for us to make the first connections. We had a huge luck to have his bright insights, passion to create and vast experience by our side. Brainstorming together we prepared our idea for BizTech application.. and got in!

Dearest Inbal and Zion, thank you for managing this year’s BizTec program so skillfully! We were privileged to learn from your proficiency, dedication, persistence, patience.. we love you guys!

Taking with us all the great things we learned we take our first steps as a StartUp. Wishing us all best of luck and a great year – Shana Tova!